The power of color!

Anna from annaroslily blog is wearing a solovesvintage knit colored skirt

The power of color in fashion and in our mood is undeniable. Color has the power of persuasion and it can instantly change your mood. And this is not us creating another fad; it’s scientifically proven that color indeed helps boosting your mood. It is a powerful communication tool and can dramatically affect feelings and emotions.

Anna is wearing a blue solovesvintage skirt and a silver bomber

Every vintage decade has its own characteristic color. Mixed...

A fresh vibe here at SoLovesVintage!

Well, well, well!!! New vintage website, new layout and definitely a fresh vibe here at SoLovesVintage. A more relaxed, effortless but nonetheless still vintage vibe.


The reason I decided it was time for a change, was when I realized that my devoted vintage lovers (customers) cannot delve into the intricate details of the pieces. Plus, the use of mannequins is a bit outdated. Vintage clothes or really any type of clothing doesn’t show exquisitely or fit properly in mannequins because they are not human. They don’t have the...